About Us

We're a friendly group of seasoned florists and flower lovers! Between us all, having run small florist businesses for many years we realised a big problem for small, start-up and independent florists. Without placing huge flower orders from big suppliers in Europe or China it was so difficult to buy quality wholesale flowers for our customers and still make a profit. Sourcing low quantities from local flower markets was fine except the prices were so expensive.

That's where Style & Stem comes in!

We source beautiful, quality flowers from select growers to give your customers the best stems possible. 

We offer beautiful wholesale flowers with low minimum orders and you can even buy some by the stem!
We have an awesome team of pro flower conditioners on-site which means if you'd rather receive your flowers already conditioned, we offer that too! Saving you time.

We also know that sometimes you need to get a bouquet to your customer fast - that's why if you order by 12 noon, you can receive your flowers the same day.